Fuels & Transportation

Our Fuels & Transportation program evaluates and promotes low carbon transportation alternatives to the carbon-intensive status quo. We seek intelligent and practical improvements for the transportation sector through policy research and analysis. We engage decision-makers with our analysis, and convene and collaborate with stakeholders.

Northeast Biofuels & Bioeconomy 

Pace has joined forces with researchers from Cornell to engage and educate teachers at an elementary and high school level about biofuels and the bioeconomy.  These teachers will share their lessons with students at all levels across New York, leading to a better understanding and commitment to clean biofuels.

Clean Fuels Initiative

Pace is committed to guiding decisions makers as they seek to promote low carbon transportation alternative fuels.  We hosted a September 2012 workshop, convening state representatives from New Hampshire and Vermont down through Delaware, to focus on regional clean fuel potential, and issued several brief reports on the status of a range of alternative fuels.  We will continue to press for low carbon fuel alternatives at a Boston workshop in January 2013.

NYS Biofuels Roadmap 

Working with NYSERDA, Pace assembled an enormous team of scientists and policy experts to produce a biofuels roadmap for New York State.  As part of an ongoing effort to inform policy decisions on clean fuels, we continue to work with stakeholders and experts to update the roadmap, which can be found on our website.