Our Climate Change work focuses on direct engagement of policy makers, convening decision makers and stakeholders, as well as policy research and analysis. The goal in this work is to assist decision makers and stakeholders in developing and implementing policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are also concerned with identifying cost-effective actions to improve the resiliency to climate change impacts, such as the extreme weather that has hit the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in recent years.

Climate Change Resilience

The Center hosted a regional climate change impacts conference in the spring of 2012. In addition, the Center produced numerous fact sheets covering likely impacts to urban and rural environments and energy systems.

State Climate Action 

The Center’s experts have been closely involved with numerous state-level initiatives to design and implement policies to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from various sectors.

Federal Climate Action 

The Center’s experts are engaged in efforts to reduce nationwide greenhouse gas emissions under existing law, including the Clean Air Act.