New York to Obtain 50% of the State’s Electricity from Renewable Resources by 2030


New York State’s energy world is responding to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal in the New York Times today. The Governor has proposed to obtain 50% of the state’s electricity by 2030 from renewable resources such as wind and solar power. What's new today is that the Governor wants the New York State Public Service Commission to issue an order locking down this committment for the future.

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Fracking Farmers

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We’ve all seen those commercials lately, showcasing a friendly farmer named Keith enjoying his land while vocalizing his support for natural gas production (all with a heartwarming tune playing in the background).  These advertisements, paid for by America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), point to this idea that farms are struggling, especially those that are small and family owned.  For some, ANGA pushes natural gas as a

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Solar Photovoltaic Panels Break Even!

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A recent Stanford study measured against the electricity produced by the panels found the industry has reached a phase of net generation. Prior to this point, the global photovoltaic industry required more energy than it generated to produce its products.

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