New Report Describes Pathway to RGGI States' Carbon Reduction Goals

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The Northeast has long been a leader in clean energy and climate action. The New York State Energy Plan establishes an aggressive goal to reduce the State’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40 percent by the year 2030, and other states in the region have committed to similarly strong GHG emission reductions.

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New Report: Carbon-Tuning New York's Electricity System

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When solar PV panels generate electricity, what are the actual environmental benefits produced? A key component to answering this question is understanding the impact the solar panel has on the rest of the electric system. Since the panels are supplying electricity, a power plant somewhere else no longer needs to generate as much electricity to fulfill demand. If this power plant uses coal—which generally has a higher carbon content than other fuels—to generate electricity, then the solar panels are reducing relatively dirty electric generation.

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Off to a Good Start: Leaders of Government Promise to Tackle Climate Change

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The 2013 year is off to a good start for the talk on climate change.  Last month, Governor Cuomo of New York and President Obama both focused greatly on climate change in New York’s State of the State and the Presidential Inaugural Address

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