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Our Fuels & Transportation program evaluates and promotes low carbon transportation alternatives to the carbon-intensive status quo.  We seek intelligent and practical improvements for the transportation sector through policy research and analysis.  We engage decision-makers with our analysis, and convene and collaborate with stakeholders.

Program Experts

Jordan Gerow
Energy and Climate Law Advisor
  • Northeast Biofuels & Bioeconomy

    Pace has joined forces with researchers from Cornell to engage and educate teachers at an elementary and high school level about biofuels and the... Read More

  • NYS Biofuels Roadmap

    Working with NYSERDA, Pace assembled an enormous team of scientists and policy experts to produce a biofuels roadmap for New York State.  As part... Read More

  • Clean Fuels Initiative

    Pace is committed to guiding decisions makers as they seek to promote low carbon transportation alternative fuels.  We hosted a September 2012... Read More