The Utilities of Maryland’s Future – An Agenda for Transformation charts a course for the Maryland Public Service Commission to transform the state’s utilities from their traditional role as electricity distributors into “utilities of the future.” Following this course, Maryland’s utilities can help customers get access to new and innovative services that save them money, give them more control over their energy use, and empower them to reduce pollution. The report brings attention to the important need to improve energy service and affordability for all customers, especially low- and moderate-income Marylanders. The report envisions a future in which utilities shift away from large, expensive power plants and infrastructure toward clean, efficient, and customer-facing technologies like solar and other renewables, energy efficiency technologies and services, energy storage, electric vehicles, and other exciting new opportunities. Authored by energy policy analysts and experts at the Pace Energy and Climate Center, working with local Maryland energy policy leaders and Earthjustice, the report draws on lessons learned in other states and applies them to Maryland’s unique situation. The report is full of the big and important questions that the Commission should address now in order to begin planning for a more reliable, affordable, and efficient electricity industry in Maryland.