Realizing Real-Time Pricing’s Promise: What CHP Offers MHP

Real-time pricing (RTP) programs provide economic incentives for customers to reduce energy consumption during peak hours. Several states have created RTP rate structures – voluntary and mandatory – on various categories of customers, usually industrial, larger commercial and institutional customers.

State Experiences with Financial Incentives to Promote Clean Distributed Energy: Greenhouse Gas Reductions with CHP

Many states have promulgated energy incentive schemes to achieve a wide variety of policy goals.

The Net Metering Riddle

Net metering opponents have done a masterful job in casting the debate around mistaken assumptions. As regulators conduct NEM 2.0 and Value of Solar proceedings, those errant assumptions should be exposed and the real questions addressed.

Pace Energy and Climate Center 2015 Annual Report

The Pace Energy and Climate Center had an amazing year in 2015. Our staff members and law student interns engaged in some of the most important clean energy policy and development issues in New York and in the Northeast region, as well as in selected venues across the United States and around the world.

Microgrids & District Energy: Pathways to Sustainable Urban Development

This report provides an introduction to microgrid concepts, identifies the benefits and most common road blocks to implementation, and discusses proactive steps municipalities can take to advance economically viable and environmentally superior microgrids.

The Role of Distributed Generation in Power Quality and Reliability

The nature of business and power consumption has changed considerably over the last two decades. Facilities of all kinds now make widespread use of sensitive electronic components, computers and programmable logic controllers.

New York's Renewable Portfolio Standard: Where To From Here?

This report provides an analysis of New York's progress towards its Renewable Portfolio Standard, which aims to meet 30% of the state's electricity consumption with renewable generation by 2015.

Community Microgrids: Smarter, Cleaner, Greener

Community Microgrids: Smarter, Cleaner, Greener is an introductory report on community microgrids and the many benefits they offer.

Community Energy Brief: CHP in Hospitals

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems can provide power, hot water, and space heating and cooling more reliably, more efficiently, and at lower costs than traditional systems. For these reasons, in addition to the abilitiy to provide power during grid outages, hospitals make ideal hosts for CHP systems.