RGGI EPA Rules Collaborative

The Pace Energy and Climate Center has convened a group of utilities, electric generators, environmental groups, a business coalition and state officials from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (NEMA) region to engage EPA on the development of federal guidelines under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act.

New York's Renewable Portfolio Standard: Where To From Here?

This report provides an analysis of New York's progress towards its Renewable Portfolio Standard, which aims to meet 30% of the state's electricity consumption with renewable generation by 2015.

Community Microgrids: Smarter, Cleaner, Greener

Community Microgrids: Smarter, Cleaner, Greener is an introductory report on community microgrids and the many benefits they offer.

Community Energy Brief: CHP in Hospitals

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems can provide power, hot water, and space heating and cooling more reliably, more efficiently, and at lower costs than traditional systems. For these reasons, in addition to the abilitiy to provide power during grid outages, hospitals make ideal hosts for CHP systems.

Community Energy Brief: Powering Through Storms

Combined heat and power delivers business continuity, risk reduction and critical infrastructure resiliency benefits during grid outages caused by storms.

Can the U.S. Get There from Here?

Can the U.S. Get There from Here? This report estimates current U.S.

Pace and Supporters' Comments in Favor of Increased Efficiency Budgets in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Comments filed to the New York PSC by Pace and supporters (NRDC, Sierra Club, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Alliance for Clean Energy New York and Environmental Advocates of New York) following Hurricane Sandy, advocating for increased efficiency budgets in the wake of Sandy and future storms.

Market Programs

Market-based environmental protection programs offer numerous economic, administrative, and performance advantages over traditional command-and-control approaches.  This work highlights key design features of various state and regional market-based environmental programs currently operating in New York and evaluates their success.

The Impact of Climate Change on the Urban Environments of the Northeast

This fact sheet was created for the “Focus on Change” conference held June of 2012. It explores the consequences of extreme weather conditions on the urban environments of the Northeast.