Community Energy Brief: CHP in Hospitals

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems can provide power, hot water, and space heating and cooling more reliably, more efficiently, and at lower costs than traditional systems. For these reasons, in addition to the abilitiy to provide power during grid outages, hospitals make ideal hosts for CHP systems.

Sizing Up Progress Toward ‘15 by 15’: A 2012 EEPS Update

As a follow-up to our Fall 2012 report on New York's progress toward its '15 by 15' energy efficiency target, this update focuses on the 2012 achievements toward the electric EEPS portion of the '15 by 15' target.

Community Energy Brief: Powering Through Storms

Combined heat and power delivers business continuity, risk reduction and critical infrastructure resiliency benefits during grid outages caused by storms.

RPS Comments: Case 03-E-0188, NYSERDA Petition Regarding Unencumbered CST Funds

Pace comments submitted to the PSC in support of NYSERDA's proposal to reallocate CST funds.

Can the U.S. Get There from Here?

Can the U.S. Get There from Here? This report estimates current U.S.

Pace and Supporters' Comments in Favor of Increased Efficiency Budgets in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Comments filed to the New York PSC by Pace and supporters (NRDC, Sierra Club, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Alliance for Clean Energy New York and Environmental Advocates of New York) following Hurricane Sandy, advocating for increased efficiency budgets in the wake of Sandy and future storms.

Energy Efficiency in New York: Midcourse Status Report of '15 by 15'

This report details New York's progress towards its '15 by 15' energy efficiency goal. In 2008, New York adopted the ambitious target of meeting 15% of the state's forecasted electricity demand in 2015 through energy efficiency.

Electric Vehicles

Part of a series of clean fuels briefs, this was created to explain the current state of the Electric Vehicle market and its technological opportunities to state policy makers.