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Sam Swanson
Senior Policy Advisor
(914) 422-4227

Mr. Swanson serves as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Center.  Mr. Swanson’s knowledge and experience extends to a wide range of electricity market policy and regulation subjects, including renewable and demand-side resource assessment, planning, evaluation and market development, the environmental impacts of electricity production, and electricity price regulation. Mr. Swanson has been a principal contributor to major projects that:

  • developed the Power Scorecard consumer education program (
  • analyzed the barriers local building and fire codes pose to the deployment of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen transportation fueling facilities in New York State
  • assessed  opportunities to strengthen mico-grid reliability with investments in distributed generation
  • provided a guidebook for siting small biomass power plants
  • identified worldwide best practice regulatory policies aimed at mobilizing large scale energy provider investments in energy efficiency.

He has appeared as an expert witness before regulatory commissions in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New York and Vermont. He serves on the New York PSC Energy Efficiency Evaluation Advisory Group and the Vermont Clean Energy Development Board. He previously served as a senior policy advisor and Deputy Director of the New York PSC Office of Energy Efficiency and the Environment.

He holds a BA in Economics from Stony Brook University, a MPIA in Economic and Social Development from the University of Pittsburgh, and a certificate in Regulatory Economics from the State University of New York at Albany.


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