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Joe O'Brien-Applegate
Energy Policy Analyst

As an Energy Policy Analyst, Joseph O’Brien-Applegate works with stakeholder groups and provides quantitative analysis to shape electricity regulations. He covers rate design modifications in New York and Maryland for the Center, helping utilities and regulators incorporate smart grid technology, time-of-use pricing structures, and alternative utility business models. In New York, Joseph works on the implementation of the Clean Energy Standard, ensuring proper targets and regulations are enacted to meet the 50% renewable by 2030 goal. He also analyzes the incentives for and impacts of distributed electric generation in the Northeast.

Joseph is currently a Master’s Candidate in Environmental Policy with Bard College. Prior to joining the Center, he worked with Bard College’s Office of Sustainability to evaluate installing microhydropower on two existing dams, and to create a state-wide resource website for interested dam owners. He worked with regulators and government officials at the federal, state, and local level, as well as leading community outreach events, and providing legal and technical assistance to contractors. He also served as a teaching assistant in economics, mathematics, and statistics for his Master’s-level classmates.

Joseph completed his undergraduate studies at the College of William & Mary, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a minor in Physics. He has previously helped run a bicycle shop in Brooklyn, New York, and has worked as an aircraft mechanic.