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Jordan Gerow
Energy and Climate Law Advisor
Jordan Gerow has been a Staff Attorney with the Pace Energy and Climate Center since 2013. His expertise in grid modernization makes him a frequent contributor to the Center's rate cases, utility reform proceedings, clean energy development efforts, and technical support to microgrid development.
Through the Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding in New York, Jordan has tracked, commented in, and secured Pace victories in a wide range of interlocking sub-proceedings dedicated to building a more efficient, interactive, and greener electric grid. He's taken that expertise to other jurisdictions to help regulators understand how the electric grid of the future must change from a technical and regulatory perspective. He has also contributed to organizing a breadth of environmental stakeholders in pushing for New York's Clean Energy Standard, a major victory for New York's environment and ratepayers, which Pace helped secure in 2016.
In the microgrid development space, Jordan has contributed legal analysis to over a dozen communities competing through the New York Prize initiative, which aims to launch the microgrid market at scale in New York. He has authored expert testimony on microgrid development in a number of utility rate cases, and was a contributing author to NYSERDA's 2015 microgrid report.
Jordan graduated magna cum laude from Pace University School of Law with Certificates in Environmental and International Law. He is also a graduate of the State University at Buffalo with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics. 


Pace Applauds Publication of Clean Energy Standard Cost Study

April 8, 2016


Pace Energy and Climate Center Applauds Issuance of Clean Energy Standard

Cost Study, Demonstration of Net Program Benefits


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