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Talking to Sustainability Professionals
Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 1:00am to 2:15pm

This webinar will empower community sustainability planners and managers to better utilize combined heat and power to meet carbon reduction goals and create a community more resilient to changes in our climate. Municipal decision makers will learn about approaches to strategically shape the supply and consumption of energy in the communities they serve.

Robert Thornton from International District Energy Association will give an overview of district energy and present best practices and case studies of district energy systems with CHP. He will discuss the advantage provided by the aggregated heat load of a district energy system in deploying large scale CHP.

Tom Bourgeois from Northeast DOE CHP TAP will give an overview of combined heat and power (CHP), how it is used, and services available from the CHP Technical Assistance Program (TAP).

Dan Leonhardt from Northeast DOE CHP TAP will explain how a community planner can apply these technologies in their community to achieve resiliency& emission goals. He will also address concerns regarding implementation. 

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