U.S. Department of Defense- Reducing our Carbon Boot Print with SPIDERS

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The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is the single largest consumer of energy in the nation.  Energy security correlates with international security which is fundamentally an issue of national security.  It’s only natural that the DOD has invested in alternative fuels, storage and microgrids.  Additionally, the federally funded DOD has much more spending power than individual states.

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Solar Hot Water Heaters in China: A low-tech, simple, clean, and affordable solution

ClimateEnergy EfficiencyRenewable Energy

Wading through the streets in most major cities in China you will likely see fixtures resembling radiators attached to the roofs and sides of residential buildings.

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Individualized Distributed Generation Takes “First Step”

ClimateEnergy Efficiency

You may have heard of the term DG (Distributed Generation) which involves generating electricity from a range of small energy sources such as wind turbines, solar panels, etc.  But for the first time one company has literally put their foot down and created a new brand of DG that allows someone to be completely mobile while generating very localized energy.

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Corporations Leading the Charge.

Energy EfficiencyRenewable Energy

This month, at a forum for Energy Storage and Microgrids, Gary Wetzel stated, “[t]he energy industry is set to follow in the footsteps of the digital industry.” What he means by this is that the energy industry is set to become decentralized. Just as we once relied on mainframe computers that took up entire rooms, and now have use smart phones with substantially more computing power - energy production is set to become more decentralized.

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Define, Climate Change.


During a time when “going green” has become trendy in our society, our vernacular has definitely shifted towards incorporating words once only commonplace to those engrossed in environmental fields.  But obviously the discussion of these topics, and the common terms attached to them, has not reached a high enough level of pervasion to be recognized by one of the most widely used word processing systems: Microsoft Word. 

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Community Energy Planning – Establishing a Benchmark & Energy Efficiency

Community Energy

As many local governments, municipal planners, and public officials across the country are recognizing the environmental and other dangers of climate change and pledging themselves to document and implement reductions in GHG emissions, the economic benefits associated with energy efficiency have made implementing these measures in many communities a priority.  Using tools such as the 

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Meghan Quinn
Student Researcher

Demand Response: An Efficient Solution to Warm Weather Woes

Community EnergyEnergy Efficiency

Summer is rapidly approaching with it high temperatures that spur energy demand, which, in turn, exacerbates climate change through the emission of more GHGs from our electricity generating stations. Throughout the nation, peak demand, that is the traditional hallmark of lazy summer afternoons that get hotter as our planet warms, lead to brownouts because of the lack of nationwide incentives for conservation.

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