Con Ed Rate Case: Proposed Settlement Advances Energy Efficiency Programs

September, 20, 2016
Radina Valova
Staff Attorney

The Pace Energy and Climate Center joined the Natural Resources Defense Council, Acadia Center, and the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. today in a joint statement hailing the energy efficiency programs proposed in Consolidated Edison of New York's 2017 to 2019 electric rates plan. Among other benefits, the energy efficiency programs would yield more than 300 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of savings annually by 2019, provide 49 megawatts of system peak reduction, and help New York meet its Clean Energy Standard renewables targets.

The programs are part of the Joint Settlement Proposal, filed today, between Department of Public Service Staff, Con Edison, Pace, the City of New York, and various other environmental and consumer groups. The New York Public Service Commission is expected to host a procedural conference this week to set the schedule for reviewing and approving the proposed settlement agreement.